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5/22/20 At a time where Illinois already had a strong mail-in ballot program. Our state legislators chose to use the Covid19 as an excuse to pass a Vote by Mail bill (SB1863) for all voters in Illinois. This was passed even with an unknown price tag to already struggling local governments. This bill also grants government only employees a day off. 


For the record, I am totally against Governor Pritzker's threats to fine businesses and possible jail time for violating his "stay-at-home" order. It should be up to the business owners to decide how to open their business while following the mask/distancing rule. It is their livelihood that is being destroyed, and he has no authority to keep them shut down. 

Bills my opponent Representative Hurley voted "yes" for:


5/30/21   SB2136   

Felony prostitution charges expunged

5/20/21   SB1730   

Requires corporations to report sexual orientation and self identified gender of it's directors 

5/18/21    HB1871

Establishes vote by mail sites and curbside voting acceptance of mail-in ballots with no postage

4/22/21   HB 2789 

Gives authority to dept. of public health to close all non-public school

including home schools if health emergency protocols are not followed

4/22/21  HB135

Allows pharmacists to dispense prescription hormonal contraceptives

4/22/21  HB3195

Creates all-gender multiple occupancy public bathrooms

4/16/21   HB709

Public info campaign that points illegal aliens to state and federal resources    

4/14/21    HB24

Introducing 6th graders to sexting

4/14/21   HB1063

Removes Criminal offense of HIV

4/14/21   HB40

Uses Taxpayers money to pay for abortions


5/21/20  SB1863

Vote by Mail bill

6/1/19     SB1939

Increase Gas Tax .19 to .38 per gallon

5/31/19   SB262

$GOMB (salary increase)

5/30/19  SB687

Income (Progressive) Tax "Fair" tax

5/27/19   SJRCA1

Removes Flat Tax

3/27/19   HB3233

Vehicle registration and drivers license increase State Plate stickers  from $101 to $151 

3/13/19   HB246

School CD/History/LGBT


In 2011 Quinn raised the the income tax from 3.75% to 4.95%. In 2012 Rep Hurley stated she wanted to roll back the temporary income tax increase used to balance the budget in 2011. Hence SB0009

-SB0009 -


Increase Income Tax from 3.75% to 4.95% AND Increased Corp Tax from 4.5% to 7%    Voted yes to increase state income tax


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