Friday-Saturday June 12 and 13. Illinois GOP State Convention

VIA Zoom! Peoria, Illinois




5/20/20 Due to Covid19, I have been having to deal with other issues. I am hoping to post more updates in the near future. I hope everyone is well.

5/22/20 At a time where Illinois already had a strong mail-in ballot program. Our state legislators chose to use the Covid19 as an excuse to pass a Vote by Mail bill (SB1863) for all voters in Illinois. This was passed even with an unknown price tag to already struggling local governments. This bill also grants government only employees a day off. 


5/23/20 When 1.1 million Illinoisans are out of work my opponent chose to vote herself a $1,800 pay hike.

For the record, I am totally against Governor Pritzker's threats to fine businesses and possible jail time for violating his "stay-at-home" order. It should be up to the business owners to decide how to open their business while following the mask/distancing rule. It is their livelihood that is being destroyed, and he has no authority to keep them shut down. 

Small businesses are responsible for 60% of the net job creation in Illinois and are the businesses most at risk from the economic fallout of COVID-19. Unfortunately, the progressive income tax hike would be the largest for these businesses. Small businesses could face an income tax hike nearly five times larger than that for large businesses.

June 9, 2020 Bills my opponent Rep Hurley voted for:

-SB687 - Graduated Income Tax/Fair Tax

-SJRCA1 - Removes Flat Tax


In 2011 Quinn raised the the income tax from 3.75% to 4.95%. In 2012 Rep Hurley stated she wanted to roll back the temporary income tax increase used to balance the budget in 2011. 

Hence SB0009

-SB0009 - Increase Income Tax from 3.75% to 4.95% AND Increased Corp Tax from 4.5% to 7%

 Rep Hurley Voted yes

-SB1939 - Increase Gas Tax .19 to .38 per gallon and increased State Plate stickers from $101 to $151

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